This week, a green cassette:
Vanica C-60 Hifi-Low Noise


Green? A cassette?

Yes, well, there is green and green of course. If you like the eco-friendly green, you should steer away from cassettes. To start with, there’s up to 90 metres of plastic tape in a 60 minute cassette, and worse: it’s covered in chemicals!


On the other hand: these tapes are old, and re-using them seems like a green thing to do.

Brand old

The Vanica brand is new to me, and for that fact alone this cassette had to be taken home when I spotted it at the thrift shop. The €0,10 was an investment gamble I could handle. It’s clearly a 70’s tape and the brand name isn’t shouting from the side of the cassette.


I think these cassettes weren’t top of the bill, and the brand focus probably lay elsewhere.

Up close and personal

The fonts on this tape are rather nice, I think. There’s even a little Pac-Man.


More Pac-Men, a little more abstract (if you want to see it).


But the nicest thing is the A’s in the brand name.


Clearly different and the product of some nice lettering by hand.

Basic stuff

The tape itself is nothing special, so it’s good that it’s clad well.





And they’re at it again!

Always a bit of a scare, when you find this on a tape.


But I still love this lay-out, that has been shown before on this blog, as were the line corrections on the far left and far right.