This week, a colour mismatch by Memorex:
Memorex High Bias 90


A box of surprises

The first surprise when opening this box is that there is no black, gold or yellow to be found inside.


This cassette is kinda blue. Ton sur ton as the French say, lots of blues to be found here.

The box itself is different too. None of the standard sharp edges that were common in the late seventies, but rounded corners and a nice touchy-feely edge on the front. Opening is a bit compromised though, so it’s a case of form over function.



Reel to reel cacophony

The cassette has something I’ve not yet seen:


The first metre (or maybe two) of tape that comes off the supply reel is wound on the take up reel between two ‘tape walls’. Looks great, but probably does not have much use, as there is a lot of space between the tape and the walls on each side. Which seems logical, because there shouldn’t be any friction.

Fade to grey

The labels on both tapes I own have not stood the test of time. It all looks a bit mucky.


Patents, nor ‘Made in USA’ could prevent that.



1, 2… 90!

The inlay has been kept very simple, with ample space for writing. Only the black bottom bit is totally useless – a strange decision.



What’s on it?

Just about 10 minutes of classical music on these two, recorded from radio. Because of the darkish blue, I think Simple Minds’ ‘Real To Real Cacophony’ is a great album to put on it. Also because it’s from the same year: 1979.

However, because of the blues, our sponsor (see below) has a different suggestion, which would be great for side 2.

Message from our sponsor