Spring is upon us, but here I am… feeling kinda blue with the TDK SA60 ‘Del Sol’.


Blue monday

This tape is from the early 00’s, and boy – cassettes were looking awful by then. Where to start? The blue is simply overwhelming in its fluorescence. And the artwork on the inlay card… imagine having to write over that.



But there’s more bling to be found. Gold, in the form of 5 ‘golden’ Phillips screws. No wonder it’s a limited edition! The golden theme is also used in the ‘hand writing’.


The classic stuff

There are two things that TDK consistently did right throughout the years.

The first: it always mentioned the year of (the start of) production of the particular type of tape on the inlay card. That’s nice for collectors. The year has gone missing here, apparently this feature was not Millennium proof.

The second nicety is the TDK imprint on the box, as always in the top right corner, and it is still present here.


Don’t let the sun go down on me

Well, it seems the day is drawing to an end, and the sun is setting over a blue sea.


Clean your teeth

Probably not the best material for a floss, but it’s spotless to start with at least.


What’s on it

I was expecting to find some shiny happy people on this tape, but no, quite the opposite.


This calls for a change, and since Miles Davis’ ‘Kinda Blue’ will fit snugly inside the 60 minute limit, that’s what it’s going to be.