This week, a predominantly Dutch tape from the early 80’s.


Philips vs. DuPont

PDMagnetics started life as ‘Magneetband Fabriek Oosterhout’. In English: ‘Magnetic Tape Factory Oosterhout’. Oosterhout is the name of a town in the south of The Netherlands, and it’s where a factory started producing magnetic tape in 1968, as a subsidiary of Philips, well known for all things with a power plug and the compact cassette.


So, no surprise then, that the cassette proudly states ‘Made in Holland’. But what’s this then?


DuPont? Yes, in 1981 DuPont took a 50% stake in the factory. This particular cassette is probably one of the first products with the DuPont name, as the inlay card has a mention of 1981.


In 1988 DuPont withdrew from the company, and in 1993 Philips shut down the Oosterhout factory, transferring production to Vienna, apparently to cut costs.


This is not just any compact cassette, it a ‘hi-fi Compact Cassette’!


And it must be said: after all these years it still sounds very fresh and dynamic. I will not claim that I hear any frequencies over 10K as mentioned on the inlay card, but the highs on this tape sound very crisp.


In case you’re wondering about that ‘ultra coercivity’, it’s a measure of the ability of a ferromagnetic material to withstand an external magnetic field without becoming demagnetized.

Strange standard

I thought I noticed something strange on this cassette. On either side of the cassette, the hole for the capstan on the left is slightly rectangular, while the one on the right is more like a square.



But it’s like that on all my cassettes! So, it’s an industry standard! Why!?

Too fat

The leadertape seems a bit on the fatty side, because there is ‘scar’ on the tape, and this makes the tape start with a loud sound, like when plugging in a microphone.


Easily archived

Something else than the standard A/B or 1/2.



What’s on it?

I listen to all tapes I get, just out of curiosity, and sometimes you find something really unexpected.


Have a listen here:


P.S. This was a really useful article when researching this tape (Dutch only).