Agfa has a history of putting tapes on the market in a variety of colours. Today, it’s lilac!


The bold and the colourful

The series used a nice colour scheme. Not too bright, unlike some of BASF’s offerings, which sometimes were a bit too much in your face. The inlaycard boasts the same colour, as does the cassette box.



Getting down to the details, you come across “AGFA-GEVAERT”.


I always thought this meant something like ‘company’. But ‘Gevaert’ turns out to be the name of AGFA’s Belgian founder. Founded in 1867, the company started as a manufacturer of dyes and stains, and AGFA is an abbreviation for ‘Aktiengesellschaft für Anilinfabrikation’ (aniline is a chemical used for colouring). So the colourful cassettes are quite appropriate!

Shields up

In the period this cassette comes from, AGFA used a bigger magnetic shield than most competitors. It ‘folds’ around the pressure pad.



Finally, as this is not a tape recorded by me, it’s nice to check out what’s on it, and discover some new music from way back.


I can play the tape, you could have a listen here: